Leopold Institute Staff

Chris Armatas smiles at the camera.

Chris Armatas

Research Social Scientist
(406) 542-4192
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David Cole, an older man with grey hair, rows a kayak on a river.

David Cole

Emeritus Scientist

Lisa Holsinger, a young woman with brown hair in braids, stands proudly in front of a cabin on an exceptionally high peak. The valley below is dizzyingly far away. Her black dog sits beside her.

Lisa Holsinger

(406) 542-4173
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Peter Landres, an older man with a grey beard and tortoiseshell glasses, smiles in front of palm leaves.

Peter Landres

Emeritus Scientist

Carol Miller, a middle-aged woman with long, wavy grey hair, smile serenely in front of golden maple leaves.

Carol Miller

Research Ecologist
(406) 542-4198
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Danette Paige, a short-haired woman, squats in a snowy forest between her two border Collies, whose names are Magic and Chaos.

Danette Paige

Program Support Assistant
(406) 542-4190
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Sean Parks, who has glasses, red hair and sideburns, grins brightly in front of an elm tree.

Sean Parks

Research Ecologist
(406) 542-4182
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Jason Taylor, a middle aged man in a baseball cap, smiles in front of a canyon.

Jason Taylor

(406) 542-4193
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Kathy, a middle aged woman with brown and grey hair, smiles brightly in front of trees.

Katherine Zeller

Research Biologist

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