2020 Vision

At the 50th anniversary celebration for The Wilderness Act the four National Wilderness
Preservation System agencies (FS, NPS, FWS, & BLM) signed off on a framework of stewardship priorities called 2020 Vision. With support of friends and organizations, and drawing on the strengths of our non-government and tribal partners, we can implement actions that will shape the future for success and work toward ensuring the existence and resilience of a truly integrated National Wilderness Preservation System. The result will be enhanced opportunities to ensure that the National Wilderness Preservation System continues as a national treasure for America and for the world. The Leopold Institute conducted a survey of wilderness managers in 2013 that was foundational to the development of 2020 Vision. Since the signing of this document Leopold Institute scientists conduct research based on the high priority issues identified in 2020 Vision.

2020 Vision Interagency Stewardship Priorities Cover With Man on Mountain Side