International Collaboration

The Leopold Institute provides a focal point for scientists and managers from various disciplines and from across the country and internationally to work together to better understand and address the scientific needs for the proper stewardship of wilderness and similarly managed wild ecosystems. We highlight here 25 years of work across the globe.
Leopold Institute Charter, 2005

The movement of environmental protection issues into the mainstream of U.S. foreign policy has come to be known as Environmental Diplomacy. The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, administered by the Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, is committed to this U.S. policy. The Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State, declares that an expanding global population, rapid conversion of critical habitat to other uses, and the spread of invasive specieis to non-native habitats pose a serious threat to the world's natural resources and to all of us who depend on them for food, fuel, shelter and medicine.